Tension Headaches are caused by muscle contractions in the head and neck

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One of the most prevalent headaches among adults, tension headaches are related to a number of conditions but their exact cause is unknown. In most patients tension headaches are triggered by internal or external stress including work or domestic stress, insufficient sleep and child birth.  At Miami Headache Institute, we have highly experienced medical professionals led by Dr. Payman Sadeghi who are well equipped to eliminate tension headache pain.

What are episodic tension headaches?

Tension headaches tend to be mild to moderate in intensity and usually do not interfere with daily routines. They are categorized into episodic tension headaches, occurring fewer than 15 times in a month, or chronic tension headaches, occurring 15 or more times a month. Episodic headaches are characterized by a tightening pain in the back of the head and neck or on the forehead. They last from some 30 minutes to as long as several days with the intensity of the pain worsening over time.  The location of the pain is bilateral and has a pressing, non-pulsing quality. 

Chronic tension headaches tend to localize at the top, front and sides of the head. The associated pain varies in intensity throughout the duration of the headache but is ever present. The pain can be described as throbbing and intermittent.  Chronic tension headaches are sometimes caused by over dependence on an overused medication.

Tension headaches are usually easy to treat as they tend to respond to basic pain management therapies. Behavioral counseling including stress management can be of use. analgesics and anti-depressants will be the answer. At Miami Headache Institute we employ a variety of methods to treat tension headaches. 

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