Exact Causes of Migraines Still Unknown

migraine headaches treatment miamiWhile very common, migraine headache causes are often not well understood by those that suffer from them. Questions range from inquiries about causes and symptoms to the effectiveness of different treatments. Despite some of the uncertainties and further research required regarding migraines, at Miami Headache Institute our staff has a successful track record in effectively treating migraine headaches.

Migraines tend to be severe in intensity and are often debilitating to patients. Nearly 40% of patients find it impossible to perform many routine tasks while suffering through an episode. Progressing from a dull ache in the front of the head to an intense pounding pain that may move to other parts of the head, a migraine can last anywhere from hours to days. 

Migraine headaches are known to worsen after physical exertion and are often accompanied by increased sensitivity to light and sound. Exact migraine headache causes have never been isolated, but studies have shown that they are closely related to changes in the brain and to genetics. As many as four out of every five migraine sufferers have a history of migraines in their families. In fact, the chance of developing migraines increases by 75% if both of ones parents suffer from the disorder. 

What researchers call a pain center for migraines has been discovered in the brain. This area of the brain has hyperactive nerves that cause blood vessels to constrict and expand, releasing an inflammatory substance to parts of the body. Migraines can be triggered by internal and external factors including stress, lack of sufficient sleep or nutrition, excessive caffeine consumption and fatigue.

Miami migraine headache treatment

For those that already suffer from migraines the most important question is how to control them. At Miami Headache Institute we employ a variety of treatments.

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