Cluster Headaches Are Intense and Debilitating

cluster headache treatment miamiA cluster headache is a rare neurological disorder that can have a dramatic impact on a person's life and on those around them. They are defined by bouts of intense pain followed by a pain free period of time. They are, luckily, rare, affecting only a half of a percent of Americans. At Miami Headache Institute, our unique philosophy and experience regarding the headache treatment enable our medical specialists to provide highly effective treatment for cluster headaches. 

Cluster headaches are more common among men than women and studies have connected their occurrence to the patient's biological clock since each occurrence happens at the same times of the year. Compared to migraines, cluster headaches last a shorter amount of time, usually between 15 minutes and three hours. Cluster headache pain can come on so suddenly, and intensely, that it will awaken a patient from their sleep. It is sometimes concentrated on one side of the face. The intense pain strikes the eye first, reddening and inflaming it before moving to other parts of the head and neck. Other symptoms include sweaty, pale skin, drooping eyelids, small pupils and even some symptoms associated with migraines like a sensation of giddiness, aura, and sensitivity to sound and light. 

You need a cluster headache specialist

Cluster headaches can be a debilitating and disruptive disorder. Their intensity, suddenness and lack of warning make them difficult to manage without the right doctor's knowledge and care. At Miami Headache and Neurological Institute we have the ability to treat this rare headache disorder today. The treatment methods we employ will help reduce the severity of cluster headache symptoms as well as their frequency, allowing a return to life without fear of sudden and intense headache attacks. As many as 70% of our cluster headache patients have responded extremely favorably to oxygen treatment. We have found 100% oxygen administered for 15 minutes at a time to be the most effective dosage. 

Subcutaneous Sumatriptan and Prednisone are the preferred prescription medications. The former will treat acute symptoms, while the latter alleviates cluster headache pain when administered in large amounts. 

Call us today if you or a loved one suffers from this life impairing headache disorder. We can help put you on a treatment plan that will eliminate your cluster headache pain.