Chronic Headaches Occur More Than 15 Times a Month

The common headache is usually not a cause for concern, but a patient suffering from very frequent headaches may have a chronic headache disorder. Chronic headaches are defined as occurring more than 15 times a month and persisting for at least three months out of the year. At Miami Headache Institute we often hear from our patients that due to their nature, chronic daily headaches can be among the most disruptive and severe of all headache disorders. Their very nature make chronic headaches a potentially debilitating condition and tend to be among the most difficult headache disorders to treat. 

Wondering if you have Chronic Headache Disorder?

Chronic headaches are not a symptom of another medical condition and can vary greatly in duration, usually around four hours. Those lasting longer are categorized into four types; chronic migraines, new daily persistent headaches, chronic tension-type headaches and hemicrania continua. 

Chronic migraines develop from episodic migraines not accompanied by aura and with moderate or severe episodes of a throbbing pain on one part of the head. Chronic migraines are worsened by physical exertion and may cause increased sensitivity to sound and light. 

Chronic tension-type headaches can evolve from episodic tension headaches that are described as mild to moderate pressure like pain. These headaches affect both sides of the head instead of a specific region. Chronic tension-type headaches have associated symptoms like heightened sound and light sensitivity and nausea. 

New daily persistent headaches are very similar in description to chronic tension-type headaches. The principal difference is that they increase in frequency very quickly after the first onset. Hemicrania continua is characterized by a constant, moderate pain on the side of the head sometimes with intermittent moments of severe pain. They can last several days with no periods of relief. In some patients they bring on symptoms associated with migraines as well and runny nose. Another common development is eye redness, decreased pupils and a drooping eyelid, all on the side of the head affected by the pain. 

At Miami Headache Institute we provide a variety of medical treatments and physical therapies to manage the symptoms and reduce the recurrence of chronic headaches. 

If you suffer from chronic headaches, or any other headache disorder, call us Miami Headache Institute today.