Miami Headache Institute Treats Common and Rare Headache Disorders

types of headachesHeadaches are a very common occurrence, stemming from various causes. For many people every day, a couple of aspirin and a dark quiet room cures the headache, allowing them to move on and forget it. But millions also suffer from much more intense and persistent headaches. Headaches that are debilitating and highly disruptive. At Miami Headache Institute we have experience treating all sorts of headache disorders, with a variety of causes. Our unique diagnosis methodology enables us to provide the most effective treatment. These are some of the most common headaches we treat: 

Chronic daily headaches are the most common headache disorders among patients at Miami Headache Institute. Chronic headaches are defined as recurring at least 15 times a month for three months a year. They are often individually short in duration but some can last for hours. Chronic daily headaches are not a result of any other medical disorder. 

Cluster headaches are intense headaches that can last throughout the day for several days, weeks or months. The bouts of severe pain are broken up by periods that are free of pain. External compression headaches may be the simplest headache disorder to cure. They are directly caused by pressure on the head from helmets, head bands, goggles and the like. 

Migraines can be caused by a variety of factors including anxiety and stress, lack of sleep and nourishment, and hormonal changes. They are among the headache disorders most frequently treated at Miami Headache Institute. Allergy and sinus headaches are not directly related, rather, allergies can cause sinus inflammation and congestion which can lead to sinus headaches. In addition, part of the body's reaction too allergens is to release histamine, diluting the blood cells of the brain which can trigger a migraine

Aside from those mentioned above, we treat headaches related to sexual intercourse, rebound, primary cough, thunderclap, tension, ice cream and headaches afflicting teens and young adults. Call us. We can help you determine what type of headache disorder you have, find its cause and treat it.