We Offer a Wide Variety of Effective Headache Treatments

headache treatment miamiA headache sufferer may not be interested in a comprehensive study of the different types of headache disorders and their causes. But our patients can take comfort in knowing that our doctor's and staff have the expertise and tools to quickly diagnose a headache and attack it at it's source. At Miami Headache Institute we employ these headache treatments: 


Medicines are among the most prescribed and most effective headache treatments. Headache medications are divided into three groups, symptomatic relief, abortive therapy and preventative therapy. In some cases, anti-depressants are prescribed to decrease the severity and occurrence of tension-type chronic headaches. Our physicians will determine the right drug and dosage for your particular condition. 

Nerve Blocks

 At Miami Headache Institute we use the latest nerve block technology to treat patients with chronic tension headaches, post-traumatic headaches and migraines. This treatment temporarily freezes or anesthetizes the nerve that is transmitting the pain signal. Once the anesthetic effect wears off, headache pain has reduced or gone away. In some patients the effect is permanent. 


Botox has recently emerged as an effective headache treatment. Per FDA recommendations, Botox is administered every 12 weeks for relief of chronic migraines and their associated symptoms. The effect is felt in the first week and strengthens with repeated doses. 

This list does not begin to cover the variety of headache treatments and approaches available at Miami Headache Institute. Call us for an appointment and have a treatment plan developed for your particular condition and symptoms.