Miami Headache Applies Advanced Diagnostics methods to determine headache causes

advanced headache diagnostics miamiCommon headaches can be caused by many innocuous factors, but sometimes a serious medical condition may be the underlying cause. Additionally, headaches are painful, uncomfortable disturbances in our lives and often debilitating conditions that require quiet, darkness and bed rest. For these reason it's important to diagnose and treat headaches early. At Miami Headache Institute we use an array of advanced diagnostic tools to diagnose and fight headaches. These advanced diagnostic procedures can help manage and eliminate headache pain. 

Electroencephalography (EEG) is an unconventional, but successful mode of determining headache cause, in particular, seizures. Seizures share symptoms with migraines and other headache disorders. 

Ambulatory Electroencephalography (AEEG) is among the most reliable advanced diagnostic tools used in headache studies today. AEEG records minute electrical pulses in the brain to determine if a brain function disorder, such as epilepsy, is the cause of a headache. 

Electromyography (EMG) is our most used procedure to measure electrical activity in muscles and nerves. EMG can also pinpoint locations of damaged tissue and nerves that may cause headache pain. 

Videostagmography (VNG) is effective in diagnosing neurological disorders, such as balance disorders, that are causing headache pain. Treating these disorders will very often decrease headache intensity and their frequency or even cure the headache symptoms. 

At Miami Headache Institute we also use advanced diagnostic tools to test the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and for home sleep studies. With them we evaluate medical disorders that cause headaches and other neurological conditions. 

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