Encouraged and inspired by the words of his Grandfather, Dr. Escasena’s dream was to become a physician since he was a teenager. In order to pursue his dream and passion, and to learn more about diversity and cultures, he decided to go to Autonomous University of Guadalajara. Throughout his life Dr. Escasena has seen several of his very close relatives suffer from incapacitating headaches. Therefore, during his years as a medical student, he found himself very attracted to the field of Neurology, particularly Headache Medicine. He found it very rewarding to help those individuals who have lost their life to headache take control of their life once again.

After graduation from medical school he completed his residency in Neurology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. He then did a clinical fellowship in Headache Medicine at Mount Sinai Roosevelt Headache Institute and Adolescent Headache Center in New York City. He is the recipient of the “Frontiers in Headache Research Scholarship” Award by American Headache Society (AHS) in 2014.

Dr. Escasena’s understanding of the impact that migraine can have on one’s life, his out of the box thinking, his desire to be on the leading edge of Headache Medicine, and his personalized approach to diagnosis and treatment of each patient are all in line with the philosophy of Miami Headache Institute.