Miami Headache Institute Breaks Ground

Release Date: 24-Jul-2013

The Miami Headache and Neurological Institute is pleased to announce that construction of its state of the art headache treatment center is nearly complete and is now accepting future appointments. Conveniently located in Coral Gables, it will offering an array of effective and innovative headache treatments for the first time available in the South Florida area. 

Founder Payman Sadeghi, MD, is building upon the success and experience of the Houston Headache and Neurological Institute. "At Miami Headache and Neurological Institute we will employ the latest and most effective therapies to combat headache pain of all types at the source," he said.  "Our doctors and specialists are well versed in the plethora of medications available to treat headaches and will carefully administer their use for maximum effect."  

Behavioral counseling is used to eliminate activities and habits that trigger headache pain.

Dr. Sadeghi and his team look forward to seeing you at the Coral Gables office and are proud to be serving the Greater Miami community.