The Miami HEADACHE Institute Treatment PHILOSOPHY  

Miami Headache Institute

Welcome to Miami Headache Institute. We are a highly skilled team of professional who are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of headaches. We believe in taking the time to listen to the patient and tailor our diagnosis and treatment to each patient’s specific need. We understand that the cause and the impact of the headaches on each individual life is different. Therefore the work up and the treatment offered for each patient should be individualized.

Many of the patients we see are at a point where they are ready to give up hope that there is an effective treatment to remedy their headache. At Miami Headache Institute, our philosophy is what differentiates in the area of treating headaches: 

  1. Even though the healthcare environment today dictates a higher volume of patients, we never departed from the traditional model where we take the time to properly diagnose our patients.
  2. We ask the right questions, and we listen carefully to our patients. We explore the condition at length.
  3. There is no existing protocol or standard treatment. We believe in an individualized approach tailored to each patient's condition.
  4. We use the latest in proven technology and treatments for the most effective results.

After our years of success at our first facility in Texas, the Houston Headache Institute, we were inspired to bring this differentiated approach to South Florida. Don't lose hope to control your headache pain -- call us today to schedule an appointment. Let Miami Headache Institute help you put painful headaches behind you.

Miami Headache Institute:

2344 South douglas Road
coral gables, FL 33134
Fax: 305-476-9441