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Unilateral Headaches

Maribel Cordova-Ramirez - Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Do you have a Unilateral Headache?

Unilateral headache, as the name suggests, affects one side of the head and can be quite painful. It is, typically, a throbbing pain on one side, wherein the person may also experience symptoms like vomiting, nausea, fatigue and visual sensitivity to light. This type of pain is very common in migraines and cluster headaches, both of which are fairly intense and long-lasting.

What Type of Unilateral Headache Do You Suffer from?

Unilateral headaches are most commonly identified with migraines. Even though migraines can impact the whole head, at least one is five people suffering from migraines feel the pain on one side only. Unilateral headaches are mostly associated with one kind of headache or the other, but in some cases, one-sided pain that never moves, may suggest a deeper problem. If the condition is serious, it could need prompt medical attention.

In general, however, unilateral headaches are connected with four kinds of headaches.

  • Cervicogenic Headache: Cervicogenic simply refers to the cervical area, which is the part of the spine located right near the base of the skull. The pain is usually unilateral. It originates in the neck and then spreads to the head. The headache is felt intermittently but then progresses into a continuous pain. The cause of the headache is an excessive amount of stress to the neck and spine area.
  • CLUSTER HEADACHES: These headaches are severe, unilateral and typically felt around the eye. They are sometimes also referred to as alarm-clock headaches because of the regularity of their timing, and they may awaken individuals from their sleep. The pain keeps returning once or several times a day and can last for months.
  • Paroxysmal Hemicrania: This is a rare kind of headache that usually begins in adulthood. Persons suffering from it experience a claw-like, throbbing or deep boring pain on one side of the face, behind the eye and occasionally reaching the back of the neck.
  • Hemicrania Continua: This is a primary chronic daily headache disorder. It is characterized by a continuous, fluctuating, unilateral pain without shifting sides of the head.
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