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Pregnancy Headaches

Gabriel Santos - Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pregnancy Headache - what it is and why it happens

As the body is flooding with hormones during the pregnancy period, this leads to headaches that strike mostly in the first trimester. Migraines remain the most common during this time, with approximately 15 percent of pregnant women experiencing them. Funnily enough, women already afflicted with migraines report relief during this period.

Characterized by a steady, dull ache, a pregnancy headache is usually harmless unless it is accompanied by fever, puffiness of hands and face, visual disturbances or weight gain, in which case you need to consult your doctor. Common reasons for pregnancy headaches include:

  • Lack of Sleep: Insomnia increases stress levels especially during the times of pregnancy which can lead to headaches.
  • Hormonal changes: The flooding of hormones in the first trimester can result in headaches. Generally, this ceases to happen after that period of the pregnancy.
  • Foods: Certain sugary and sour foods as well as smells can trigger headaches. Also, ensure that the body is well hydrated at all times. A good dietary plan during pregnancy will help stave off headaches.

How to Avoid Pregnancy Headaches?

  • Caffeine: Too much coffee is never a good idea during pregnancy. If you have a regular habit of drinking lots of coffee, make sure you cut down gradually.
  • Meals: When the body gets low on sugar, this can trigger headaches; so ensure that you have meals at proper times.
  • Strong scents: Since your sense of smell is especially sensitive during pregnancy, avoid using products that give out strong odor like perfumes and shampoos.

Avoid stuffy interiors and take frequent walks outside in the fresh air. Try listening to soft music. Avoid stressful situations. Meditate and try to enjoy this wonderful period of your life.

Pregnant women are advised to avoid over-the-counter medicines and instead go for preventive measures, counseling and a specialized professional method of treatment.

The Miami Headache Institute has a team of qualified doctors with expertise and experience in treating all kinds of headaches. Pregnancy is a beautiful time of life. Do not let headaches get the best of you.

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