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Gabriel Santos - Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mild Headaches — How To Address Them?— Can They Get Worse?

You may not notice that you have a mild or slight headache at first. It could start off as a very dull pain just behind your eyes or it could be tension at your temples or across the top of your head.

Mild headaches can pass on their own as quickly as they came. There are many reasons why you might experience this type of headache, including:

  • dehydration:    Not drinking enough water can cause mild headaches. By just making sure you drink enough water, you may find that your headache miraculously disappears without the need for drugs or any other treatment.
  • computer work:     If you are at a computer screen for a few hours each day, you could find that you start to develop a mild headache when you do not take enough breaks. Be sure to move around, take your eyes away from the screen and do something that gives your eyes a good break.
  • bad eyesight that goes uncorrected:     If you are suffering from mild to severe headaches, it could be because you need glasses. Many people don’t realize they have sight problems until they start to experience mild headaches. If you think this is the case, make an appointment with your local optician for a thorough check.
  • stress and tension:     Worrying about something, even the simplest little thing for too long, can cause a build-up of tension that eventually leads to pain. Try to rest and take it easy for a while. If it helps, take some pain relief pills and walk away from whatever it is that is causing you stress for a little while.

Can Mild Headaches Become More Serious?

The good news is that Miami Headache Institute is here to help and offers a wide range of headache diagnosis and treatment services. We provide professional treatments and advice for anybody experiencing headaches or migraine, whether they are mild or serious. Our headache experts will ask you questions about your lifestyle and habits and work closely with you to determine the cause of those headaches. Only then will we recommend a suitable treatment plan.

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